16000.png-pop and PPS

3M™ PPS™ Kit Standard Size, 200 micron filters, 22 ounces (650 mL) 16000


Part Number: 16000

3M PPS Standard Kit includes 50 Standard size lids with micron filters, 50 liners and 20 sealing plugs for use with the 3M Paint Preparation System. 3M PPS is a complete painting system that allows the painter to measure, mix, filter, and spray paint materials.


Product Description

  • Cup, lid and liner kit for use with 3M Paint Preparation System, PPS
  • Available in 200 micron & 125 micron filters
  • 3M PPS is an all-in-one disposable solution for measuring, mixing, filtering, and spraying of paint materials
  • System enables the painter the ability to consistently spray at 90° to the part, no matter the part orientation (even upside down)
  • The all-in-one solution reduces the chance of outside contamination and reduces paint consumption.
  • PPS reduces cleaning solvent consumption by up to 70% and reduces prep and clean-up time by up to 50%
  • System delivers improved quality, lower material cost, less solvent consumption, improved productivity, less mess and easier use.